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Turning off the stretchable behavior of <af:inputComboboxListOfValues>

The <af:inputComboboxListOfValues> has been enhanced recently( to stretch the contents of the drop down list to reflect the display width of the attribute that you set on a view object.

This feature is controlled by a boolean ADF skin property, -tr-stretch-dropdown-table. Web UI Developers Guide says...
This property determines whether the table in the dropdown list stretches to show the content of the table columns or limits the width of the table to the width of the input field in the inputComboboxListOfValues component.

You can turn off the stretchable behavior using the following selector in your css file. Customizing the skinning is already discussed in one of my previous post- Style your application in your own way. More details on skinning can be found in the following link as well - Apache Trinidad Skinning

-tr-stretch-dropdown-table: false;


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