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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2014 !

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year... Its time for you to revisit your plans, strategies, set up new aims and plan your work to achieve the same... I take this moment to wish you all success in coming year 2014 ! Thanks Jobinesh

{"ADFMobile": Programatically invoking a popup in ADF Mobile}

Well, as you rightly guessed, in this post I'm talking about ADF mobile ;). My first 'creative' post on this technology. Straight to the topic: There is no Java API to queue an event on actionable component in ADF mobile as of now. Recently I noticed a work around solution using  both Java and JavaScript for the same(Thanks to Piyush Hari and Matt Cooper). This involves some amount of code,but it is fun. The following code snippet(Java + JavaScript) simulates button action event programatically. The below method is Java bean method bound to a button. Note that this is just simple example to demo the idea. In real scenario it could be your business logic which might get triggered in response to various other user actions on your page and may involve complex logic too. public void somePOJOMethod ( ... ) { //Business logic go here //Now based on some condition //invoke popup by simulating //button action AdfmfContainerUtilities . invokeContainerJavaScriptFu

Book Review - Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud by Hemant Kumar Mehta

I've just finished reading  the book Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud published by Packtpub. Here is the quick summary of this title. The book    Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud by Hemant Kumar Mehta is a good read for beginners to understand the Oracle's public cloud offerings. This book covers the following topics: Chapter 1: What is Oracle Public Cloud? Chapter 2: Transition to the Oracle Public Cloud Chapter 3: Oracle Java Cloud Service Chapter 4: Oracle Database Cloud Service Chapter 5: Oracle Storage Cloud Service Chapter 6: Oracle Messaging Cloud Service Chapter 7: Oracle Public Cloud Best Practices The author starts the book with brief introduction to cloud computing and Oracle's cloud offerings. Most of the common terminologies that you may hear in cloud world are introduced in this chapter.It is a good start for a beginner. In chapter 2, you will learn about Cloud Transition Service offerings which is meant for transitioning existin