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A detailed look at Binding Model Parameter Options (NDOption)

ADF binding layer has been always a pleasant surprise for me. I have not seen such a 'rich glue layer' in any other frameworks. While wiring the business service methods with UI Components , developers can opt for specific 'Parameter Options' . These options would decide how the binding container should assign the value to the parameter(s) at runtime. This article discusses the significance of the Binding Model Parameters Options and their proper usage. Please note that Binding Model Parameters Option is termed as NDOption in your page definition file. Where can I see Binding Model Parameter Options? To answer this question let us start building an application and see where we really use this in real life. Follow the steps given below. 1. Here, I assume that you already have one Fusion Web Application in place, with Application Module defined. Please refer Fusion Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework in case you are not familiar with buildi

ADF Business Components With MySQL

Most of the application built on Oracle ADF uses Oracle RDBMS as Database. The driving factor here is to leverage the feature richness of Oracle DB. Does it mean ADF is tightly coupled with Oracle DB? Answer is NO, ADF can be well integrated with other databases as well. Small to medium size applications can live even with some light weight databases and they may not require the sophisticated features provided by Oracle DB. MySQL appears to be more popular among the community now a days. There are quite a lot articles on using ADF with MySQL. But it seems that most of them are outdated or rather ADF improves at lightening speed. This article can be considered as an extension of How To Use ADF Business Components with MySQL OK, had enough theory ,now into action. Setup the basic infrastructure JDeveloper discussed in this article is based on version and MySQL is 5.x or higher. Apparently, JDeveloper is not packaged with JDBC driver library for MySQL. So let us