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Revisiting Contextual Event : Dynamic Event Producer, Manual Region Refresh, Conditional Event Subscription and using Managed Bean as Event Handler

In this post I'm talking about a couple of features centered around  Contextual Event that you might not have cared about ;) You can programmatically add contextual event definitions, register the event producer and even trigger the contextual event. This is useful when you build taskflows which needs to trigger different events based on the context(client that hosts the task flow) where its used. See the below code snippet: //The following is inside a managed bean, ideally part of  //some event handling method DCBindingContainer bc = ( DCBindingContainer ) BindingContext . getCurrent (). getCurrentBindingsEntry (); bc . getEventDispatcher (). queueEvent ( new CustomEventProducer (), someCustomEventPayLoad ); bc . getEventDispatcher (). processContextualEvents (); Event producer class(  CustomEventProducer  ) used in the above code snippet is here: import; public class CustomEventProducer implements EventProducer {

Installing WLS 12 C and ADF

Noticed  a very detailed, step by step tutorial/manual for installing stand-alone WLS 12C, along with ADF, very impressive. Have a look if you are looking for the same.

Book Review - Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition

I've just finished reading  the book  Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition, authored by  Sten E. Vesterli  and  published by Packtpub . Here is the quick summary of this title.  This book  ' Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition'   as mention in  Packtpub s ite, takes you through an entire enterprise application development project using ADF, from proof of concept through all phases of development until the final application is delivered and deployed. A good read for anyone who wants to use ADF  for  building projects, especially if you are from different technology background and relatively new to ADF.  This book covers the following topics: The ADF Proof of Concept: This chapter introduces the reader to Oracle ADF and JDeveloper. In general, you may normally build a Proof Of Concept while earning/evaluating a new technology.  Similarly, in this chapter, you will also see steps for building