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Conditionally disabling af:showPopupBehavior

The JDeveloper release has a new attribute for af:showPopupBehavior tag. This new attribute can be EL wired to disable the display of a af:popup conditionally. Tag doc for disabled property says: The disabled property for  af:showPopupBehavior determines whether the client behavior should be disabled. Use this attribute to conditionally disable showing the target popup identified by popupId. Download You can  download the sample workspace from here . [Runs with Oracle JDeveloper   12C  ] How to run this sample? Run the popup.jsf. You may see 2 button in this page, each button on click displays a popup. The disable attribute for af:showPopupBehavior tag is EL wired for both the buttons in order to disable the display of target popup if the popup from the other button is already displayed. Note:  The EL expression set  for disabled property for   a  af:showPopupBehaviour tag    is evaluated only once by default. So you may need to refresh the