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Oracle JDeveloper is Out

Oracle JDeveloper is Out. Check it out- Download  Release Notes Whats new?

Creating View Criteria having Exists clause at run time

This post is in continuation of one of my old post Creating View Criteria having Bind Variables at run time . In this post I'm sharing sample for creating view criteria with Exists clause at run time. The following code snippet illustrates the API usage for creating View Criteria with Exists clause. public void buildVCWithExistsProgrammatically(String departmentName, String email) { //Following code snippet defines view criteria on DepartmentsView //This view criteria contains 2 ViewCriteriaItem //1. A normal ViewCriteriaItem for DepartmentName attribute //2. The second ViewCriteriaItem is based on Exists clause DepartmentsViewImpl voDept = getDepartmentsView1(); voDept.clearWhereState(); VariableValueManager vvm = voDept.ensureVariableManager(); ViewCriteria vcDept = voDept.createViewCriteria(); vcDept.setName("TempVC"); ViewCriteriaRow vcrDept = vcDept.createViewCriteriaRow();