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Entity Object based on a PL/SQL Package API

A simple demo application that uses Entity Object based on the Stored Procedure is attached here . More details can be found in Developer's Guide, section 37.5 Basing an Entity Object on a PL/SQL Package PS: Unzip the attachment and run the script(StoredProcedureExample/script) to set up the required DB objects for running this demo

Reset the content of a web page

Resetting the page contents or undoing the changes made by a user is a very common use case scenario in Rich Internet Applications. The 'reset action' should skip all validations defined on the current page and page contents needs to restored from the underlying data layer. Some of the web frameworks support this feature out of the box. Let me try explaining possible ways to reset a page when developing applications using ADFFaces. 1. <af:resetButton> As the name suggests, af:resetButton resets the contents of a form. Please note that developer doesn't have much control here as he/she might not be able to bind any action method with this built in reset button. <af:resetButton text="ResetButton" id="rb1"/> 2. <af:resetActionListener> This tag is usually bound to an action source like command button to reset all submitted values whenever an action is triggered. Obviously this gives more control to the developer as the action sourc