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Real World ADF Architecture and Design Principles Course for Oracle Partners in India (March 11 - 14, 2014)

If you are an ADF developer or architect and really keen on learning ADF  beyond the basics, then  come and attend Real World ADF Architecture and Design Principles Course. This course is absolutely free(no fee) for Oracle partners/customers/employees. Following are some of the core topics covered in this course Design & Architecture :  Project Planning, Setting up the Environment, Structuring the source, ADF Architectural Patterns, Designing Task Flows, Advanced concepts on Task Flows, Designing scalable ADF Business Components, ADF Service Architectures, Designing for Security, Application Customization and MDS,Designing for Internationalization,  Architecture for ADF Mobile Integration. Development & Testing :  Setting up the Development Environment, Naming & Project Layout Guidelines, Programming Best Practices, Error Handling, Logging, Performance & Tuning . Deployment &