Real World ADF Architecture and Design Principles Course for Oracle Partners in India (March 11 - 14, 2014)

If you are an ADF developer or architect and really keen on learning ADF  beyond the basics, then  come and attend Real World ADF Architecture and Design Principles Course. This course is absolutely free(no fee) for Oracle partners/customers/employees.

Following are some of the core topics covered in this course

  • Design & Architecture :  Project Planning, Setting up the Environment, Structuring the source, ADF Architectural Patterns, Designing Task Flows, Advanced concepts on Task Flows, Designing scalable ADF Business Components, ADF Service Architectures, Designing for Security, Application Customization and MDS,Designing for Internationalization,  Architecture for ADF Mobile Integration.
  • Development & Testing :  Setting up the Development Environment, Naming & Project Layout Guidelines, Programming Best Practices, Error Handling, Logging, Performance & Tuning .
  • Deployment & Server Topologies: Build Options, Deployment Options, Server Topologies .
  • UI Design: Usability (UX) and Layout Design .

When and Where ?

Date and time :  March 11 - 14, 2014 (Tue - Fri), 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue: Oracle India Private Limited, Venus Block - Training Room 1J001,
Prestige Technology Park, Kadabeesanahalli,
Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560 087
Location Map -
Trainer: Jobinesh Purushothaman

How to register for this course?

For registration please visit (You will see Register Now link in the site):
Ensure your seat at the earliest!

This course is not designed to be a general introduction to ADF, nor how to implement its features. Rather it builds upon such concept to introduce the broader issues of ADF architecture. The training is highly interactive with presentations from the trainers and then delegates are challenged to answer questions, participate in discussions, and consider the pros and cons of many of the concepts put forth. The course includes no hands-on exercises. 


  1. Hi Jobinesh,
    I am in need of a best practice recommendation. Its a webservices related one. I am not sure where I should be asking this in ur blog, so put it right here.

    I see that we have an easy way to create a webservice client using JAX-WS style in the wizard.My question here is how this client prepared well for the production environment.

    i.e I have a webservice URL (WSDL location) in the dev environment which hard coded in two .java file (one in interface and few in client java class). But when I need to move this client to test or production environment, do we have to change the URL in the java annotation part, compile and then deploy them ?

    I am looking for a better way as ADF usually does, something similar to JNDI datasource for database connections or a single point where I can make this configuration... please do help....

    and I am using Jdeveloper

  2. Hi Jobinesh,
    I am a Trainee in TCS working as a Oracle ADF Developer.
    I know the basics of ADF and I want to know more about ADF.
    Is the training is only for those whom you mentioned?
    Can I get the video sessions which are covered in this training?
    Can you please suggest me any books or online tutorials for ADF basics and advances?

    Thanking you in advance

  3. Admin,Your Info was very helpful.

    Oracle ADF online training by real time international experts in an easy way to learn way.

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  5. Thanks a lot Jobinesh for the information. You can find out more in our own Oracle ADF course tutorial here


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