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New title for my blog

It has been long time since I changed the title of my blog; its kind of  boring with same old title for many years ;)   Lets us have more fun on technology side this year. I'm changing the blog title to include more exciting topics and technologies in my discussions, thought primary focus may remain still same - ADF. Stay tuned for more excitements and fun !

Extending POJO based Bean Data Control to add the features you wanted (such as Named Criteria and af:query) !

I blogged about bean data control and pagination support a while back . Look like it is time to revisit this stuff to share few more interesting things on extending the features offered. While talking to some developers I realized that POJO based bean data control need few more extra fittings to make it more developer friendly ;) . For example out of the box support for af:query (i.e af:query backed up by named criteria that you may find for JPA based Bean Data Control) is one feature that is still missing. In this post, I'm sharing a sample which uses an enhanced custom  DataControlHandler to help you with out of the box query component and pagination support that you may otherwise  find missing. The sample that I'm sharing here is built using As 12 C has a lot of improvements on bean data control implementation,  the custom DataControlHandler used in this sample will not work on previous JDeve

Hands on lab materiels on using JDeveloper for building and managing enterprise grade applications

In this post I'm sharing some hands on lab materials on JDeveloper IDE which may help you to understand offerings from JDeveloper for building and managing large scale enterprise grade Java EE applications. How to use JDeveloper for building JavaEE applications along with Maven? How to use SVN  from JDeveloper for versioning application source? How to install and use Maven synchronization plugin that comes with JDeveloper? How to build and publish Weblogic shared library using JDeveloper? Wish you all a great year ahead, have fun!