Hands on lab materiels on using JDeveloper for building and managing enterprise grade applications

In this post I'm sharing some hands on lab materials on JDeveloper IDE which may help you to understand offerings from JDeveloper for building and managing large scale enterprise grade Java EE applications.

Wish you all a great year ahead, have fun!


  1. I have a problem like this.
    I have three table :

    1 - Country : CountryID (pk), CountryName.
    2 - Province : ProvinceID (pk), ProvinceName, CountryID (fk).
    3 - Employee: EmployeeID, EmployeeName, Email, ProvinceID (fk).

    Now i want insert a new row into Employee table with form :
    EmployeeID : ............
    EmployeeName: ...........
    Email: ...........
    The thing is when choice Country ---> Province will show.
    If selected US : Texas, Califolia..
    or if selected England: Mancity, Liverpool....
    we just insert ProvinceID into Employee table not CountryID at all.
    I was try do this by created new View object from three table but it's not working.


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