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dvt:pieGraph with GraphDataModel Sample

Sharing a simple example for dvt:pieGraph that uses manually created GraphDataModel(hand coded data model without using ADF binding).


You can download the sample workspace from here.
Check out to get a feel of implementation.
[Runs with Oracle JDeveloper 11g R2 PS1]


oceans said…
Hi jobinesh,

I have a tricky clarification which is not actually related to this post but hoping u can give me a way.

I have a image scanning requirement (from scanners) were I get an image object from the (JTwain) from the scanner in an Applet on client side which needs to be saved in the database.

I came across a way how an applet can communicate with the backing bean using javaScript. But I am not able to send the image object to or from the applet and backing bean.

Any idea how we can achieve this please. with or without javaScript ? preferably without saving them in a temporary location in server.
Jobinesh said…
You may need to try posting image content to a Servlet from the applet code
oceans said…
Hmm... Thank you jobinesh, But how can I get the image object from that servlet and store it in the database.
John Glista said…
Hi Jobinesh, great post. Do you have any idea if it's possible to use the LocalXMLDataSource for creating a drillable graph? I see that it contains the required "drill" methods, but do you know how to use this class to add more layers? I've been trying to find more online documentation on this, as the API documentation leaves much to be desired.
Ray Ban said…
Hi jobinesh,

Is it possible to specify difference colors for each slice of the pie instead of using default colors.
I am finding a solution while clicking on a slice of pie chart, then a new pie open with same color of parent slice.


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