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Positioning popup at the center of the screen

Sometimes you may want to position af:popup at the center of the screen. At this moment, there is no declarative solution for this usecase. In this post I'm sharing a code snippet that I noticed from Gary Van Matre(Oracle) for the same. This sample uses a Javascript method(showPopupInCenter) for displaying popup relative to an 'empty' af:outputText (kept hidden) whose position is decided dynamically. When invoked, the Javascript method for showing popup position the hidden af:outputText to the center of the window, made it visible(with empty content), and then shows the popup relative to it.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<f:view xmlns:f="" xmlns:af="">
    <af:document title="popupsample.jsf" id="d1">
        <af:resource type="javascript">
          function showPopupInCenter(event) {
              var agent = AdfAgent.AGENT;
              var winWidth = agent.getWindowWidth();
              var winHeight = agent.getWindowHeight();
              var phLeft = winWidth / 2 + "px";
              var phTop = winHeight / 2 + "px";

              var page = AdfPage.PAGE;
              var placeHolder = page.findComponent("placeHolder");
              var placeHolderDom = AdfRichUIPeer.
     = 2;
     = "fixed";
     = phTop;
     = phLeft;

              var popup = AdfPage.PAGE.

              var hints = {};
              hints[AdfRichPopup.HINT_LAUNCH_ID] = placeHolder.
              hints[AdfRichPopup.HINT_ALIGN_ID] = placeHolder.
              hints[AdfRichPopup.HINT_ALIGN] = AdfRichPopup.


          function popupClosed(event) {
              var placeHolder = page.findComponent("placeHolder");
        <af:form id="f1">
            <af:commandButton text="Show Popup" id="btn1" 
                <af:clientListener type="click" 
            <af:popup id="p1" contentDelivery="immediate">
                <af:clientListener method="popupClosed" 
                <af:dialog id="d2">
                    <f:facet name="buttonBar"/>
                    A simple popup
            <af:outputText id="placeHolder" value=" " 


Unknown said…
Hi Jobinesh - thanks for your article, I appreciate, and you have helped me solve my issue. As the options still allow you only to align with a particular method such as 'AFTER_START' etc, the centering of my popup was still an issue. I ended up subtracting the width's and heights / 2 for the Left and Top variable calcs. I will work on making this dynamic based upon the popup size.
kalyana raman said…
Hi Jobinesh,
Thanks for your post. Think this might solve my issue. But here i am getting error while using AdfAgent.AGENT, AdfPage.PAGE, AdfRichPopup.HINT_LAUNCH_ID, etc. Do we want to import any of the packages over here to use this. Please help me to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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