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Book Review - Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud by Hemant Kumar Mehta

I've just finished reading  the book Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud published by Packtpub. Here is the quick summary of this title.

The book  Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud by Hemant Kumar Mehta is a good read for beginners to understand the Oracle's public cloud offerings. This book covers the following topics:
  • Chapter 1: What is Oracle Public Cloud?
  • Chapter 2: Transition to the Oracle Public Cloud
  • Chapter 3: Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Chapter 4: Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Chapter 5: Oracle Storage Cloud Service
  • Chapter 6: Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
  • Chapter 7: Oracle Public Cloud Best Practices
The author starts the book with brief introduction to cloud computing and Oracle's cloud offerings. Most of the common terminologies that you may hear in cloud world are introduced in this chapter.It is a good start for a beginner. In chapter 2, you will learn about Cloud Transition Service offerings which is meant for transitioning existing applications to Oracle cloud.The chapter 3, talks about Java Cloud Service at high level, most of the common topics on Java cloud services are  covered in this chapter. The chapter 4 shows how to use database cloud services in your cloud application, basic concepts are explained clearly(targeting beginners). The chapter 5 talks about storage cloud service at very high level. Chapter 6 teaches you the messaging cloud service  based on JMS. The chapter 7, the last chapter in this book, shares some tips on cloud application development, mainly targeting beginners.

Overall, this book is a good read for beginners who want to take a crash course on  Oracle Public Cloud.  The  book contents are simple, compact and easy to follow. To learn more about this book, visit the Packtpub site for this title: Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud.


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