Enabling multiple selection on <af:table>

A common mistake while enabling multiple selection for a data bound table is to leave the default values for attributes(generated while creating the table in a single selection mode) selectedRowKeys and selectionListener as is. This is wrong, these parameters will override the multiple selection that user makes. So you may need to remove them.

To enable multiple select capabilities on a <af:table>,
1. Set rowSelection="multiple"
2. Remove selectedRowKeys and selectionListener attributes(if any)

This is well documented in Fusion Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework. Please see Section 23.5, "Providing Multiselect Capabilities"


  1. hey thanks a bunch! your post was very helpful in an issue i was wokring on..

  2. hi Jobinesh I am Naeem I am facing a problem of displaying values stored in database table in different forms like I have a table employees where I made three attributes (emp_id, name, displayhint)
    and data in the table is
    1 naeem checkbox
    2 qasim radiobutton
    3 rao input text
    Now i want to display these employees according to the value which i set in displayhint attribute
    please help me to solve this problem this is sample data

  3. Any one has idea to generate id dynamically in forEach loop?

    Thanks a lot from advance


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