Tips on using <af:panelCollection>

A couple of tips on using <af:panelCollection>
1. Use space delimiter if you want to turn off multiple 'default features' for the <af:panelCollection>
<af:panelCollection id="pc1" featuresOff="detach freeze wrap" >

2. If you don't want the end user to hide specific columns using the 'View->Columns' option, set showRequired="true" for those columns. This setting will disable the columns in the 'View' menu.


jeevan said…
Is there a way to hide the view menu on the ?
Jobinesh said…
You can use featuresOff="viewMenu"
featuresOff="statusBar viewMenu formatMenu showAsTopMenuItem showAsTopToolbarItem detach"
Chris Muir said…
Hi Jobinesh

Can you confirm which version of JDev/ADF the featuresOff="viewMenu" became available please? We're using:

featuresOff="detach viewMenu"

...under JDev The detach option is gone, but the View menu is still available.


Jobinesh said…
Oh may bad... Sorry for my oversight, 'featuresOff=viewMenu' appears to be not included as part of PS2 - (may be, part of future release)
Chris Muir said…
No worries, thanks for the prompt update.

Anonymous said…
what about the action menu? Is there a way to hide the action menu?
Unknown said…
Hi Jobinesh ..Nice blog .... Can we turn Query by Example "filter" icon off yet ? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
featuresOff="wrapMenuItem showAsTopMenuItem"....Coooll

Hi Jobinesh,

Do we have any option for "show All and Manage Columns" to off the features on panelCollection through FeaturesOff property ..

Thanks & Regards,
Guravaiah Tata.


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