ADF BC run time now calls refreshCollection(...) on your shared ViewObject !

There is an interesting enhancement available on ViewObjectImpl::executeQuery() with release. Now the executeQuery() will check for the View Object's parent Application Module configuration to see if its defined as 'shared AM' and may call refreshCollection(...) for shared View Objects. So you don't need to worry on calling the confusing refreshCollection(...) to access cached query collection without reexecuting the query. You are allowed to call ViewObjectImpl::executeQuery() always in a seamless way :)

If you really need to forcefully execute query on shared View Object, then please use ViewObjectImpl::forceExecuteQueryOfSharedVO() - API available since


  1. HI,

    How do we bring bulleted layout in ADF.

    Suppose i want to display something like this,

    . sample 1
    . Sample 2
    . sample 3

  2. Jeffry,
    You can use af:panelList



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