Globally setting the change event policy for all data bindings

The release of ADF has added a new configuration entry in adf-config.xml file to globally set the default change event policy for the all iterators in the application. Of course, developers can override the default setting at each binding level.

 <adf-config xmlns=""   
  <adf-adfm-config xmlns="">  
   <defaults changeEventPolicy="ppr" useBindVarsForViewCriteriaLiterals="true"/>  


giovanni said…
Can you explain with an exapmle?
Jobinesh said…
Please see Fusion Dev Gide.

Copying relevant content for your ref...

When you create a form, setting up PPR to work for all the components in the form
can be time consuming and error prone. To alleviate this, you can set the
changeEventPolicy attribute to ppr on value bindings. Doing so means that
anytime the associated component’s value changes as a result of backend business
logic, the component will be automatically rerendered. You can also set an iterator
binding’s changeEventPolicy to ppr. When you do this, any action or value
binding associated with the iterator will act as though its changeEventPolicy is set
to PPR. This allows entire forms to use PPR without your having to configure each
component separately.
Ash Manukyan said…
This post saved my life. Jesus. months trying to understand that error. IOU bro!


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