UI Categories...What is that?

Well...If you worked on JDeveloper release, you might have noticed UI Categories option in View Object editor. This is a useful to group/order the view object attributes, and will be used by the components like af:query, dynamic:form etc in future releases. Please be patient and getting ready for some new things arriving soon!
You can learn more from fusion developers guide - 5.13.3 How to Define UI Category Hints.


  1. Hi Jobinesh,

    I see this old post and I put a question about it in Forum (for JDev12c) :

    In my viewObjectDef /createDef method, I need to assign programmatically to an attributeDef a specific "UI Category" as you can define interactively in JDev for each attribute.

    Unfortunately, I don't find the API ...

    I would like to write something like that :

    for (AttributeDefImpl aDef : aDefs) {

    attribName = aDef.getName();

    if (attribName.indexOf("user") > -1) {

    // add dynamically a new UI Category (if possible)

    CategoryManager categoryManager = getCategoryManager();

    CategoryImpl category = new CategoryImpl();




    // then assign this category to an AttributeDef

    //aDef.setProperty ???


    Have you got an idea ?


  2. Hi Jobinesh,
    you said the category UI hints can be useed at the af:query.
    I have tried to set the category UI hints,but no sperator be rendered at af:query.
    can you share a example for my puzzle.

  3. You may see the order of attributes changes at run time based on the order that you are adding them to the Category. However it wont result in display of any 'grouping'/separators in the UI


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