Compiling large projects from JDeveloper

If you are running in to out of memory error while compiling huge projects from JDeveloper, this tips is for you.

JDeveloper will let you to compile the project outside of JDeveloper process where the compiler can enjoy more heap size(which doesn't need to be shared with JDeveloper). To do this select the Project, right click-> Project Properties and select Out of Process option. Optionally you can modify the default heap size as well.

Out-of-process compilations are useful for very large projects; an in-process compilation could run out of memory because it shares the memory space with the whole JDeveloper IDE.


Sathish Kumar said…
The following is useful information on this issue, working for me.
"I couldn't find any solution on the net, but I've checked the JAVAW.EXE and I've realized after more than 5 min it doesn't do anything special(!) and just waits, waits, and waits!!
So, I've found a solution incidentally, but I don't know if it's a good solution or not, but it works for me. Every time JDeveloper takes more than 5 min by JAVAW, I'll open "Resource Monitor" in Win 7, and will find javaw.exe in cpu list.
After that, I'll choose "Analyze Wait Chain" via Context Menu on Javaw.exe, and it'll popup a panel that shows two chained thread of javaw.exe. Finally, I'll select Sub-Thread and will order to end process of Sub-Thread, and at last waiting problem will be solved! And JDeveloper will do next step (Weblogic starting commands).

It's working for me, and I hope helps other person who have my problem too."


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