Programmatically Starting Transaction in a Task Flow

Sometimes static transaction settings for a task flow may not be really flexible enough to meet your use case requirements. For instance, based on the  invocation context(based on the caller) a task flow may need to either start new transaction or skip the transaction altogether. A simple example illustrating the programmatic transaction creation is attached in the post. Take a look at the  dept-task-flow-definition in the example which uses 'TxnInitializer' method for programmatically starting new transaction based on the input parameter(Transaction) value set by the caller. Here is the code snippet :

public void beginNewTransaction() {
BindingContext context  = BindingContext.getCurrent();
String dataControlFrameName  = context.getCurrentDataControlFrame();
DataControlFrame  dcFrame  = context.findDataControlFrame(dataControlFrameName );
dcFrame.beginTransaction(new TransactionProperties());


You can download the sample workspace from here.
1. Run main.jsf.
2. The dept-task-flow-definition added to main page starts transaction programmatically based on the  Transaction'  parameter value specified in the task flow binding.
[Runs with Oracle JDeveloper (11g R2PS1) + HR Schema]

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