How does ADF binding interact with EJB components?

If you are very curious to learn the architecture of EJB Data Control (a deep dive in to the implementation, not just high level blocks) and really want to learn how ADF bindings interacts with EJB components, then this post is for you.

In this post, I'm sharing Chapter 13 Building Business Services with EJB  from my book Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide. This is absolutely free. You just need to click on the link given below to grab this resource :) 

A sneak peek at the architectural diagram of ADF binding for EJB:

The details of the components listed in the above block diagram are available in this chapter. You can also find a sequence diagram illustrating how each components are getting engaged when UI access data from EJB through ADF binding. Following topics are discussed in detail:
  • The architecture of a Fusion web application, using EJB as a business service 
  • Oracle ADF binding architecture for EJB 
  • How does ADF Model data binding work in the Java EE application? (Explained with the help of sequence diagrams)
  • Customizing error handling for the EJB services 

To download the Chapter, click here