MDS setting for testing PDef business components using AM tester

In case if you want to test the ADF Model project containing PDef  business components outside of the container using AM tester, you can use the following MDS setting in adf-config.xml. See metadata-path  entry in the below snippet, this entry sets MDS repository path to D:\my_mds_repo. Note that, when you deploy this app as web app, container will not use this path. If you don't know what a PDef object is, see this post

<adf-mds-config xmlns="">
 <mds-config version="" xmlns="">
    <namespace path="/sessiondef" metadata-store-usage="mdsRepos"/>
    <namespace path="/persdef" metadata-store-usage="mdsRepos"/>
    <namespace path="/xliffBundles" metadata-store-usage="mdsRepos"/>
    <metadata-store-usage id="mdsRepos" deploy-target="true" default-cust-store="true">
     <!-- Note the following entry gets overwritten during deployment -->
     <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.file.FileMetadataStore">
      <property name="metadata-path" value="D:\my_mds_repo"/>
      <property name="partition-name" value="demo"/>
   <match path="/">
    <customization-class name="oracle.adf.share.config.SiteCC"/>