Real World ADF Architecture and Design Principles Course for Oracle Partners in India

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Date:  25 - 27, Sept 2013 (Wed - Fri)
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Venue: Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Training Room 4J001, Prestige Lexington Tower, Near Prestige St. Johns Woods, Bangalore 560 029, India
Exclusively designed for: ADF Developers, Oracle Consulting, Solution Architects Solution Consultants, and Industry Solution Architects

This course is absolutely free for Oracle partners and employees.
Who is driving this training and what is there for you in it?
In association with and taught by Oracle ADF Product Development. This is an advanced level workshop for Real World ADF Design & Architecture Principles, a 3 day course that will provide a clear understanding of what the term ADF architecture refers to and how to design an ADF application.

Topics include : 
ADF architectural patterns, options are in putting ADF applications together, what the pros and cons are of each

Upon Completion you will be able to ensure the success of your next ADF project, by jumping the learning curve, understanding key architectural decisions, pre-armed with architectural patterns, known pain points and suggested best practices.

The course includes no hands-on exercises. This course is not designed to be a general introduction to ADF, nor how to implement its features. Rather it builds upon such concept to introduce the broader issues of ADF architecture. The training is highly interactive with presentations from the trainers and then delegates are challenged to answer questions, participate in discussions, and consider the pros and cons of many of the concepts put forth.

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  1. Hi Jobinesh,

    Do you have an agenda for this course?

    Thanks in Advance.


  2. HI Jobinesh,

    Can we attend this workshop online, i can't make it to Bangalore, if you can make it online, i am very much interested. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jobinesh,

    Please post the videos for the training, if possible. So that who are away from Banglore, are not away from ADF :)


  4. Hi Jobinesh,
    Missed this precious course. Can i get it online or course contents in OPN?




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