A Simple gRPC CRUD Example with Java

This is in continuation of the my previous post on gRPC with Java. This post shares a simple and complete gRPC CRUD example with Java.

  • You can find the complete source here: https://github.com/jobinesh/cloud-native-applications/tree/master/grpc-hr-example
  • The following APIs are exposed by the gRPC server used in this example:
  •   rpc createDepartment (Department) returns (Department) {};
      rpc updateDepartment (Department) returns (Department) {};
      rpc findDepartmentsByFilter(DepartmentFilter) returns (DepartmentList) {};
      rpc deleteDepartment(google.protobuf.Int64Value) returns (google.protobuf.Empty) {};
      rpc findDepartmentById (google.protobuf.Int64Value) returns (Department) {};
      rpc findAllDepartments(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream Department) {};
      rpc updateDepartmentsInBatch(stream Department) returns (stream Department){};
  • The README.md  has the detailed steps for running the example. Enjoy !


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